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I remember the spiral notebook that my mom kept in the trunk at the end of her bed. Mainly because at the end of each school year I would dig it out and sit and reflect with her on what I learned that year, what my favorites were, and the ultimate question we're all asked, "what do you want to do when you grow up?" Little did I know that my repeated entries in my childhood notebook would be the beginning of my passions. Each year I responded to that question with "I want to teach."

Over time I learned that I didn't want to teach in the traditional sense in a classroom bound by specific curricula. I desired to teach subjects that were challenging and that allowed me to break down the difficulties to learning the subject by simplifying them. I quickly found that marketing was a complex, and fast-paced subject that had many puzzle pieces. I put a stake in the ground with marketing communications.

As technology has evolved, so has my career path. I started at a worldwide advertising agency and experienced the manual process of collaboration on print materials just as Facebook was coming online. It was the beginning of an evolution in how brands communicated to the market. Brands were no longer looking at 'impressions' they were looking for 'engagement' on new platforms. That for me was when a light came on and I realized that if I truly want to make my mark in the world of marketing communications, I needed to learn how every aspect, from traditional communications to digital marketing, fit together to get the results brands were looking for. And then I started my journey to learning from the biggest Fortune 500 brands so that I could ultimately teach my personal niche.

In a time where there are many gurus, experts, and professionals that can do my job, I've chartered a career path that sets me apart from other professionals. Through the evolution of my career, I've developed a unique skill set in creating and implementing a roadmap that combines traditional communications and digital marketing. When you put those skills together along with my passion you get someone who truly understands every aspect of marketing communications from a strategic positioning and data-driven perspective.

I believe the existence of traditional communications and digital marketing as two separate skill sets is no longer viable - for brands, corporate organizations, or communications professionals. Marketing communications requires the integration of both skill sets. And if I can deliver information that helps professionals learn more about digital marketing and it helps solve real world problems for people, then that's the kind of teacher I want to be.

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Work Experience

My career journey in a nut shell.

Oct 2015

Global Talent Attraction and Brand Manager

The Dow Chemical Company

Attract new and top talent to work for Dow by creating a strong employer brand and deploying the right marketing mix and utilizing the best digital marketing campaigns for my audience.


Founder and Online Marketing Consultant

Ctrl Alt Delete

I apply my years of online marketing expertise from working with all the great brands you see below to help bring awareness, conversation, and traffic to small businesses in spite of the unstable economy.


Global Marketing Communications Leader

Dow Corning

Key highlights of strategy implementation included a brand transformation and communications repositioning for the Beauty Care market segment which is known and still actively promoted today as "Beauty with Impact." Tactical elements included internal and external image management for messaging and visual components across a website redesign, and all collateral, presentations, public relations and internal communications while capturing the overall return on Marketing Communications investment for the business.


Account Executive - Advertising Agency

Key Clients: BASF The Chemical Company, Colonial Bank, Foot Solutions and AHN

I directed the team responsible for the refresh and new design implementation for www.nutridense.com and www.colonialbank.com. I managed NutriDense and Colonial Bank website daily enhancements and work flow of the team to ensure flawless execution of product/service launches. I reviewed monthly quality assurance checks, statistics and analysis reports, monitored site content design and development activities to ensure online marketing goals were being achieved.


Account Executive - Advertising Agency

Key Client: Ford Motor Company Racing - NASCAR

My main role was to manage and implement in-office and onsite execution team for various Ford Racing events that include high-profile NASCAR driver transportation, autograph sessions, question and answer sessions, and on-track pre-race driver introduction ceremonies with NASCAR Headquarters representative. I worked on the refresh and new design implementation of www.fordracingevents.com and implemented online marketing strategies.


Account Coordinator - Advertising Agency

Key Client: Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep Brands

About 11 years ago, I began my marketing, advertising, and communications career here in the creative halls of one of the top advertising agencies in the world - BBDO Worldwide.


What I have done in my academic career

2000 - 2004

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

Central Michigan University

Here I focused my education on marketing, advertising, and communications.