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I was told that I loved to talk. In second grade is where it all started. My report cards came with teacher notes that said something like “Kristi loves to talk” or “Kristi is too social.” As an adult, I can say they were right and it makes me smile because in today’s world, how can anyone be “too social”?! I was ahead of my time.

If it’s your first time here, then you must know that I am in love with learning and then teaching what I know.

One of my passions is blogging and sharing information that will help someone else learn and grow so they can do more of their passion. I first spoke at the Bloggy Conference (pretty appropriate title for me right?) in 2014 about the digital marketing and social media trends and tools that I was spotting. I know this is something you probably hear allot, but I’m going to say it anyway because it’s true for me; I met so many amazing women!! So much so, I decided to go back and speak at the 2016 Bloggy Conference this year.

The women that attend are independent, overachievers that pour their souls into their businesses and blogs. I’m going to help them learn more about their online presence by showing them how to look for breadcrumbs that their existing blog readers are leaving behind by interacting with their websites. The number one problem I hear from businesses with blogs or full-time bloggers is that they’re following all of the content marketing rules on their blog – posting regularly, creating content calendars, inserting attractive images, and their sharing blog posts on social media – yet, their unsure if they’re even making an impact on their readers because they don’t know which blog content is resonating the most.

Wait…this sounds like you too?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could:

– Understand how people are interacting your blog
– Pinpoint the digital channels that are driving the most traffic to your website
– Identify the top websites that are referring visitors to your content
– Know which blog content is resonating the most with your readers
– Track visitors and their behaviors while they’re on your website in real-time
– Spot and stop spam bots from wreaking havoc on your website analytics and distorting your true analytics
– View website analytics in a new way to understand what type of content to focus more on and what type of content to create less of to generate the most impact with your readers

Thankfully, Google Analytics provides a free service that allows you to create custom reports and dashboards that provide instant access to the data you need to answer these questions and more.

That’s exactly what I’m covering at the 2016 Bloggy Conference; how to find the answers to those points within your own website analytics. Pretty cool right?

I have something for you…

I hope you already have your ticket to the Bloggy Conference, because it’s already sold out (months beforehand!). If not, I’m going to do you a favor, because you’re here which means you have a passion for learning.

I’m going to give you access to one of my bonus freebies that I’m handing out at my presentation during the Bloggy Conference.

Get access to my presentation freebie.

During my presentation I will highlight the website analytics behind three booming blogs and the insights they gathered from their own readership, plus actions they’re taking to grow their audience. As part of my discover process with the three winners of the Grand Prize Website Analytics Sweepstakes, I will be working with them to gain clarity on their website goals.

I’m offering my freebie to you – The SMARTER Website Goals worksheet.

The Risk of Not Having SMARTER Website Goals

I hope to see your name on the list of entries because it’s so important to understand who is coming to your website and what information they’re craving, because that means you should be creating more content just like that.

What to do next?

1. Download the worksheet!
2. Tweet at me and let’s connect on Twitter @KristiJAllen
3. And if you’re attending the Bloggy Conference, let’s schedule time for coffee!

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Kristi Allen – Speaking Topic: Digital Insights Your Blog Readers Leave Behind That You Can Use to Grow Your Audience

Kristi Allen Topic: Digital Insights Your Blog Readers Leave Behind That You Can Use to Grow Your Audience
Conference: 2016 Bloggy Conference
Venue: Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio
Dates: September 16 – 18, 2016