3 Simple Secrets to Effective Email Marketing

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It’s Monday and the emails are back to running at top speed. What’s going to catch your attention and entice you to open an email, especially an email you’re not expecting? Below I have shared my tips on email marketing campaigns that you can leverage in your business to help increase the open rates and engagement of your promotional emails.

What is Email Marketing?

Businesses often use email marketing for the sole purpose of acquiring new customers or convincing current customers to purchase their products or services. Think of email marketing as the invisible string between you and your clients or customers that can be used to send messages to your clients and customers about new updates, including a new product that’s now available or inform them of an upcoming event.

I’m sure you’re thinking “that’s all positive for the person receiving the email, but what’s in it for my business?” Remember this:

Email marketing gives you the flexibility to send messages in real-time, you’re able to create highly targeted emails to an exact audience, and email has the ability to track sales and user engagement.

3 Simple Secrets to Effective Email Marketing

1. Email Permissions

It’s a legal thing, so here’s the deal. Email marketing is an opt-in marketing approach, meaning people have to willingly join your email list to request email from you. Note that it’s equally important that people have an easy way to unsubscribe as it’s a legal compliance matter. In my recent blog post “11 Essential Free Digital Marketing Tools” I list an email platform that makes it easy to adhere to legal guidelines

Tip: Unsubscribe links are usually at the button of the email, in the footer area, and are represented as traditional text only.

2. Appealing Email Subject Lines

Email marketing is a popular digital marketing tactic to push promotional messages. This means that your clients and customers may have an inbox already filling up with messages and offers from your competitors and this proves the need for your subject lines to be even more appealing.

Start by making it personal for the receiver, add a one or two word key message that highlights what the email is about, and if there’s a time frame attached, mention it here. It’s also best practice to keep email subject lines short, about 6-12 words.

Let’s pull it all together.

“Sam, do you know if your email marketing efforts are working?”

“Alex, you’re invited to Bay Animal Shelter’s Fundraiser this Friday!”

Tip: Did you know adding the word “free” to your email subject line will trigger spam filters? Remember to be personal and authentic with your email subject lines.

3. Email Content

Email messages should be clear and concise, think of a simple 2-3 sentence introduction paragraph, plus three bullet points listing the main benefits. If you have additional information on a landing page or a brochure that gives more detail, include a button for the person to click on to gain access to these details.

Keep your email marketing consistent and be sure to let your clients and customers know what’s new and exciting, like the specials you are running, a coupon that you are offering, or about an upcoming event that you are hosting.

Tip: Make sure every email you send to your contact list adds value and you’re not just sending an email to just send an email, because then it becomes spam.

Do you have any examples of email subject lines that have worked for you?