5 Actionable Ways to Quickly Optimize Your Twitter Profile

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With 316 million monthly active users on Twitter, you need to know how to take advantage of your profile features to stand out to customers. The Twitter profile design includes some pretty good stuff that gives you a chance to advertise your business while giving your content a longer shelf life.

5 Actionable Ways to Optimize Your Twitter Profile

Small businesses can quickly optimize their Twitter profile to help drive more traffic to their business or website with these action items:

1. Add a Promotion to Your Cover Image

As a small business, be sure to let customers know what’s new and exciting, like the specials you are running, a coupon that you are offering, or about an upcoming event that you are hosting. If none of these are happening, use this space to identify the service(s) you provide that can help solve a problem for your customer. The cover image size you should use is 1500 x 500 pixels.

Tip: If you are in need of simple design work for this cover image space, check out a graphic design tool called Canva, it has free image elements and it’s super easy.

2. Upload a New Profile Picture

Now that you’re promoting your small business with your large cover image, it’s time to update your profile photo. The good news, the space is even larger (400 x 400 pixels), which means you can showcase more than the stretch between your forehead and chin! I’m excited to share my new Twitter profile image because it’s in black and white, it’s the first time I’ve gone with no-color, but I think it is a great time to test it out.

3. Update Your Bio

While you’re updating your profile image and your cover image, now is the time to look at your 160 character bio. Remember, this is the first readable impression people will receive about you. Make sure what you are telling them is in line with what your business is all about – who you are and what you do.

Tip: Your Twitter bio is searchable. Use commonly searched keywords to describe your business. (i.e. #marketing, #digital, #michigan, etc.)

4. Create Your Pinned Tweet

When you are thinking about what to post as your first tweet or your “pinned” tweet, think about content that is going to be valuable to your audience. For example, what comes to mind for me is a tweet that will allow me to further push previous content that I’ve created that I think my audience can use to fuel their online promotion. I may do something like this “Need help making your Twitter profile your promotional tool? Here are 5 actionable ways to get you started right now.” 

How to Pin a Tweet:

Go to your profile page -> Find the tweet you want to pin or create a new one -> Click the ellipsis icon () ->Select Pin to your profile page -> Click Pin.

How to Unpin a Tweet:

Go to your profile page -> Find the tweet you have pinned -> Click the ellipsis icon () ->Select Unpin from your profile page -> Click Unpin.

5. Review Your Favorite Tweets

Since the tweets that you have “favorited” are now easier to access, take some time to ensure that the tweets you have flagged or starred, are truly what you want your customers to be aware of. I use my favorites tab to highlight items that I want to save and read later. While reviewing my list of tweets, I may consider removing some of these from my favorites list as they may contain unnecessary or old information.

Now that you know what the new Twitter profile design is all about, I hope you are inspired by my 5 Actionable Ways to Quickly Optimize Your Twitter profile and are excited about this opportunity to refresh the social impression of your small business.

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