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Discover Digital Marketing Interview Series Featuring Laiza Santos

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You know the feeling, when you meet someone that inspires you, and an oldie but goodie idea starts igniting back to life? This happened to me recently! There I was having a conversation on Twitter about Snapchat and Instagram Stories and I was inspired to take action on an idea I’ve been longing to dive into and launch.

I met Laiza Santos, self-described as “the geeky girl in the back of the class who seems to be friends with the cool kids too” tweeting about her experience with Instagram Stories and how it’s already showing signs of making a positive impact on social accounts for businesses she works with. That’s when it happened. My oldie but goodie idea came back to life.

I’ve had this idea for a while that I wanted to start reaching out more to other relatable women to get their perspectives on how they’re keeping up on all things digital, how they use new platforms in their day-to-day work setting, all while keeping up the productivity and wooing the bosses.

This idea is called the “Discover Digital Marketing Interview Series” and it will be organized into actionable snippets of advice each and every time I feature a new inspiring female leader.

You will discover digital marketing fundamentals you can incorporate into your day-to-day work to help you:

– learn from the experiences of others and put their advice into action

– find use cases you can showcase to get buy-in from the bosses

– uncover new ways of doing old tasks in a creative way

– be in the know on the latest digital marketing trends

– become more successful by investing time in learning how to market online

Be sure to leave a comment below and let Laiza and I know what actions you’re going to take this week after reading her interview.

Meet Laiza Santos (@lzixxaa)

I’m happy to launch my first blog post in the series by featuring Laiza Santos. During the day Laiza is the social media and marketing manager for the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program (@muralarts) and by night she’s the social media coordinator for the Philadelphia Latino Film Festival.

My interview with Laiza focuses on actions you can take to discover trends in your business, use website analytics to find answers, and Laiza shares her thoughts on Snapchat and the recent Instagram Stories launch.

Note: In this article, all of the words below in italics are attributed to Laiza Santos.

3 Ways to Discover Trends in Your Business

1. Start using Twitter Lists, Reddit, and Google Alerts

 “Every morning and midday, I go through Twitter lists separated by local and world news, social media news, and influencer updates. Facebook also has some trending topics on the right hand side of their desktop screen. I will say that I love going through Reddit the most. Most of the time, I see conversations, photos, and news first on Reddit before I see it blasted on other platforms or outlets. Daily, Google Alerts for certain keywords is also another must.”

2. Look at Your Social Analytics to Find What’s Not Working

“I’ve always known that looking within your analytics is important, especially when people at the top want to know the real ROI or value of what you’re doing on social in real numbers. We all want or hope our analytics to tell us what we have strategized and the content that we are pushing out is actually working but for me, I am looking at what is NOT working. It helps me figure out the types of content that are worth creating more of.”

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3. Use A/B Testing on Multiple Channels to Learn What Your Audience Wants

“For Mural Arts, I use the numbers I see to reflect what I can either do better or continue to grow on throughout our platforms. A perfect example of this is when I did some A/B testing on posting on multi-channels about new blog content. I saw that my audience on Instagram was not the least bit interested in our new blog post but on Facebook, it received some of the highest levels of engagement. When it came down to it, I found that our Instagram audience was more inclined to regram, like, comment or more if it was a photo of new street art or an in process shot of a widely known artist we are working with. On Facebook, articles of any kind that show the impact of our work locally and nationally did way better. After reviewing those numbers, I now tailor what types of content goes where and how the same content can be recreated for the appropriate channels.”

Actions You Can Take This Week with Your
Website Analytics

At the end of the day, it’s important to understand that what you’re doing on a day-to-day basis is proving to add value. On way to know if you’re performing well is to view your website analytics.

Laiza has learned that people “are more inclined to go to our website and check out our blog if we are developing interactive content that speaks to the interest of our audience and if that reflects on the back end of our website then we are doing something right.”

1. Combine Your Website Analytics and Facebook Insights for Data Trends

“I am currently in the process of completing a detailed social media strategy and in the process when it comes to Facebook, I have been very keen on looking into “Actions on Page”. Because we have recently revamped our website, creating shareable content on our site is important and we want to build on increasing traffic. I review how that data changes weekly on Facebook Insights, so I can go back to our website analytics to see if we determine the same parallels on what is working.”

2. View Your Website Analytics in Detail Every Week

I dive into all of my analytics in detail every week but do collective reporting bi weekly so that the rest of the teams know the impact of our content over time. I do however, view and report our analytics, more often, if we are hosting/promoting a campaign or event for a specific period of time.”

3. Use Website Metrics When Brainstorming New Content

“When looking at website metrics, I love to focus on where people are coming from so that we can gauge the value of the types of sharable content we are creating on our website that feeds into our social channels. Seeing those metrics helps in the brainstorming process.”

City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program Use Case Example: Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat

Lifecasting is a new term moving through the Internet like wildfire. In case it hasn’t caught on to you yet, lifecasting is described as a live video broadcast that captures daily activity either through the lens of a person or a business.

When you hear that definition, I bet the first thing that comes to mind is Snapchat. Am I right? Then you’re on the right track. A social platform, one that I know as a museum of perfectly filtered pictures, aka Instagram, recently launched a new lifecasting feature called Instagram Stories. I was eager to hear about use cases in how exactly this new feature is working for businesses, because it’s combining a museum like feel with imperfectly packaged real-time videos.

I recently came across impressive metrics from AdAge about Nike and the type of interaction they’re seeing from the new Instagram Stories feature. As reported by AdAge, “Nike generated 800,000 views in 24 hours for an Instagram Story.” Pretty staggering results right?

I asked Laiza about her strategy for using lifecasting on social media platforms for business and this is what she had to say: “Be personable yet relevant and know where it works and where it doesn’t. Showing what culture is like and what types of things relate or are of interest to a business can be great when it comes to building a loyal online community. Being strategic in how you do that of course by either filtering out what is appropriate enough to share and what should stay internal can make or break the value of lifecasting for businesses on social media. Remember, what you post is not always gone even if you delete it.”

Here are two questions and answers that prove the power of Instagram Stories and it forms a real-time use case for the rest of us to take back to the bosses as a reason why our business’ need to get on lifecasting ASAP.

What is your opinion on Snapchat and Instagram Stories as it relates to use cases for businesses? How should it be used in social media strategy?

“If Snapchat is on your social strategy already then Instagram (IG) Stories should find its way in there as well because it’s the exact same thing but on a different platform for a different audience. I think this new social update is simple validation that Snapchat is on to something. If that wasn’t the case, there wouldn’t be a new update such as this. For me, I see it as another opportunity to think creatively about how the content should be shared, where, and how. Being able to capture something native on Snapchat then figuring out what that same content could look like on Instagram should be a challenge a true social media marketer should be geeking out about. I constantly hear “Why should I watch you on Snapchat if you’re going to show the same on IG Stories?” Change that narrative and utilize the creativity you have to develop a story that starts on one platform then taken in a different perspective and direction on another”.

Can you talk about the impact of Instagram Stories on your personal brand or business as compared to your experience with Snapchat?

“A great friend on Twitter said it perfectly when he talked about looking at this update from a strategist’s perspective then from the eyes of a user. As a user, it has changed the way I interact with Instagram. Lately, I have not personally been very active on the platform but since “stories” came into the picture, I now take the time to watch and scroll through photos. As a strategist, when I started using “stories” for Mural Arts, I saw a significant jump in engagement on Instagram. People who normally may not have seen us on their feed or do not follow us on Snapchat (SC), were watching and messaging us back so much more than chatting back with us on SC. Viewership was significantly larger on IG than SC which I believe contributes to the larger base of loyal followers we have on that platform. That has totally impacted the way I see Instagram, as it is our largest growing platform.”

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