Discover Digital Marketing Interview Series by Kristi Allen

Discover Digital Marketing Interview Series

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You know the feeling, when you meet someone that inspires you, and an oldie but goodie idea starts igniting back to life? This happened to me recently! There I was having a conversation on Twitter about Snapchat and Instagram Stories and I was inspired to take action on an idea I’ve been longing to dive into and launch.

I met Laiza Santos, self-described as “the geeky girl in the back of the class who seems to be friends with the cool kids too” tweeting about her experience with Instagram Stories and how it’s already showing signs of making a positive impact on social accounts for businesses she works with. That’s when it happened. My oldie but goodie idea came back to life.

I’ve had this idea for a while that I wanted to start connecting with other relatable women to get their perspectives on how they’re keeping up on all things digital, how they use new platforms in their day-to-day work setting, all while balancing productivity and wooing the bosses.

I recently launched a new written blog post series called the “Discover Digital Marketing Interview Series”.

Each interview is organized into actionable snippets of advice each and every time I feature a new inspiring female leader.

The women I feature in this interview series know how to be persistent in driving forward to get what they deserve. They’ve overcome barriers, they’ve had to learn new tools to keep pace with new digital platforms, they’ve created a path from the bottom to the top, and from those challenges, they’ve crafted a certain way of getting things done – their own way. And in this series, they’re going to tell you all about how they do it.

You’ll get some serious info that you can use to:
– learn from the experiences of others and put their tips into action
– find use cases you can showcase to get buy-in from the bosses
– uncover new ways of doing old tasks in a creative way
– be in the know on the latest digital marketing trends
– become more successful by investing time in learning how to market online

What better way to understand the fundamentals of marketing in the online world than through the eyes of others who discuss their experiences with leading businesses through new social media platforms, gathering insights with analytics, uncovering ideal target audiences, staying on top of the latest trends, and more.

A special treat for you. Join your peers and get access to each interview first before hits mainstream.


Meet Laiza Santos, Social Media and Marketing Manager for the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program.

My interview with Laiza focuses on actions you can take to discover trends in your business, use website analytics to find answers, and Laiza shares her thoughts on Snapchat and the recent Instagram Stories launch.

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Meet Hollie Hoadley, entrepreneur and founder of Creative Solutions, in Toronto, Ontario.

My interview with Hollie focuses on the importance of a personal brand, strategies to make sure your personal brand is on point, using analytics to know if your personal brand is gaining traction, and recommended tools to use to measure your personal brand on social media platforms.

Meet Andrea Karpala, communications manager at McLaughlin Library for the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario.

My interview with Andrea focuses on strategies for establishing a new social media platform, copyright terms you need to be aware of when marketing online, and Andrea’s copyright tips and list of resources to find free images, presentations, videos, and more online.

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