What is a digital marketing campaign?

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Planning is said to lead to success, as any good idea has a plan behind it. Old news right? Let’s take a look at the old age and new age approaches to planning for the right campaign to get you the end result you’re looking for. I bet your first thought is, what’s considered a campaign anyway?

There are two types of campaigns today; virtual, digital marketing campaigns and traditional, physical marketing campaigns. The second option seems much easier to approach doesn’t it? Newspapers, brochures, postcards…

Traditional marketing is such a safe play, why venture into the digital marketing realm when I get good results already? I get the sentiment and could go on-and-on about the reasons why, but since you’re here, let’s go with a simple answer; because there’s so much more you can learn and soon you’ll be comfortable implementing both types of campaigns.

Before you dive in, capture your ideal customer in your mind because today is all about the parts and pieces that make-up a digital marketing campaign and you should be thinking about your target audience throughout this article.


Let’s take these next few minutes to focus on learning something new. Together, we’ll cover:

— The meaning of a digital marketing campaign

— A  few example scenarios of a digital marketing campaign

— The possible digital marketing tactics for each campaign

— And the importance of campaign measurement


First, the digital marketing sandbox; let’s look at what our options are to play with.

Teenagers and Mobile Devices

What do you see in this picture? Two girls, relaxing in what looks like a dorm room; more importantly, what are these two girls doing? One thing I notice right way is the amount of multi-tasking; reading, talking, listening, all while possibly on the computer or watching TV.

What is a digital marketing campaign? 

A digital marketing campaign is the art of bridging brand experiences through multiple devices and channels. The digital marketing sandbox has many tools, all of which are meant to attract, engage, educate, and build a relationship with your ideal customer.

What does a digital marketing campaign look like?
Here are a few example scenarios that will hopefully inspire creativity in you to help you create your own digital marketing campaign.

— If your campaign purpose is to…Attract your ideal customer.
Possible Digital Campaign Tactics: Search Marketing, Social Media Promotion, Infographic Development, and Measurement

— If your campaign purpose is to…Engage with your now identifiable ideal customer.
Possible Digital Campaign Tactics: Website Content Update, Content Development and Offering, Email Series, Introduction Video, Social Media Engagement, and Measurement

— If your campaign purpose is to…Educate your ideal customer about your product or service offerings.
Possible Digital Campaign Tactics: Website Content Update, Content Development and Offering, Email Series, Calculator Tool, Webcast, and Measurement

— If your campaign purpose is to…Build a relationship with your identifiable, educated, ideal customer.
Possible Digital Campaign Tactics: Account Log-in to Exclusive Access to Special Information, Personalized Email Series, Social Media Engagement, Blog or E-Newsletter, and Measurement

Importance of Digital Marketing Campaign Measurement

Did you notice that each campaign example above had a list of possible digital tactics, all of which included the tactic of measurement? This is key to gaining your digital marketing campaign insights.

These insights consist of data and analytics, which when combined will help you better understand your ideal customer by tracking your campaign audiences’ journey in relation to your digital campaign tactics along with the true impact of your campaign.

In my next 3 blog posts coming up, I will cover:

— Creative assets needed to support a digital marketing campaign

— Insights that you can expect to receive from a digital marketing campaign

— How-to launch a digital marketing campaign that includes the right measurements