What is digital marketing?

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A new age comes with new tools, new ways of communicating with one another, and that means new ways to advertise and reach target audiences for businesses and communities.

The term digital marketing is becoming more commonly known, and therefore, more commonly searched on Google too. On the chart below, the search term “digital marketing” was searched  731,000 times in 7 months this year (2015)! That’s allot of searching. To give some comparison, the term “digital marketing” was searched 53% less in the same period last year (2014).

Digital Marketing Search Term Data via Google

So what’s all the excitement about?

It’s about all the new tools, like mobile apps, local review sites like Yelp, social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, chat apps like SnapChat, and more that make our lives more productive, more efficient, and perhaps… more fun!

What is digital marketing?

It’s defined as targeted, measurable and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies, like websites, social networks, and mobile apps.

For businesses and communities, I can say most simply that it’s about giving you an easier way to get the information you’re looking for. In return, website owners for example, are not only giving you information related to their services or products, they are collecting the information you’re providing while you read, browse, or interact with their website (in the form of behavior analytics, which we’ll touch on in another post).

Digital marketing gives marketers, like me, a chance to better understand what people like you, and customers, community residents, and others find most valuable so we can serve relevant information to you more often.

That sounds like a good deal, right?

Digital Marketing Toolbox

Now that you understand what digital marketing is and the purpose, let’s take a high-level look at the various digital channels and tools. Below is an infographic that represents the digital marketing toolbox of today that is used to reach target audiences for businesses and communities.


Digital Marketing Infographic