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With 300-500 websites created every minute and with over 3.2 billion people browsing the web in our always on 24/7 world, as a marketer, whether you manage your own blog, invest in your own business, or you’re in an office 9-5, I bet you can relate to the sentiment of feeling overwhelmed by the number of digital channels available to you. And it seems to only make ‘learning digital’ that much more intimidating.

Maybe you can even relate to these sayings I hear a ton of lately:

“Really, Facebook’s changing again?!”

“I put all the ‘right’ keywords in my article and I’m still not getting any readers from Google!”

“I spend so much of my time creating images and I don’t even know if it’s effective.”

“All I hear in marketing these days is “be personal’ but people still aren’t opening my emails when I send them something with their name in the subject line. I don’t get it!”

I’ve been there, too.

I’m so familiar with that feeling that I can sum it up in four words flat – “drinking from a fire hose” – everything is coming at you so fast at one time and the next thing you know it’s too much so you runaway. Sound about right? (yep, totally said four words flat and there are five, does a little letter like ‘a’ really count anyway?)

Well don’t put your running shoes on just yet.

Intro to Kristi Allen

My job (that’s me over there…) is to make sure you feel informed about the digital marketing world and it’s capabilities so you can feel confident in deploying value-added marketing strategies for your business. A common barrier to learning digital marketing is all the “technical jargon” so to speak. I’m going to do my best to share the ‘need to know’ nitty gritty without the overwhelm of technical terms so you can woo the bosses or woo your future customers like a pro.

Women like you.

What better way to get to know the fundamentals of marketing than through the eyes of women who discuss their experiences with leading a business, gathering insights with analytics, uncovering ideal target audiences, staying on top of the latest trends, and more.

Intro to Laiza Santos

Meet Laiza Santos.
During the day she’s the social media and marketing manager for the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and by night she’s the social media coordinator for the Philadelphia Latino Film Festival. Read her story and get actions you can take to discover trends in your business, use website analytics to find answers, and get her thoughts on Snapchat and the recent Instagram Stories launch.

Intro to Hollie HoadleyMeet Hollie Hoadley.
Her passion in this space is one of the reasons she founded Creative Solutions, in Ontario, Canada. My interview with Hollie focuses on the importance of a personal brand, strategies to make sure your brand is on point, using analytics to know if you’re gaining traction, and recommended tools to use to measure your personal brand on social media platforms.

Intro to Caron Whitener

Meet Caron Whitener. 
Her focus is on fostering relationships between brands and consumers by creating memorable experiences across digital platforms as a senior account director at HelloWorld, an international digital marketing agency in Detroit, Michigan. We talk about why relationships matter between brands and consumers, and she shares five ways to discover your business’ x-factor to build relationships with consumers.

Digital Marketing Blog

If you’re new to my blog, here are some of my most popular blog posts to get you started.

The #1 Most Overlooked Way to Produce Content Your Audience Actually Cares About
Many experts say to “blog about what you’re passionate about”. It’s even gone as far as “turn your lemons into lemonade!” If you know me, you know that I thrive on positive quotes and uplifting messages in my social feeds just as much as the next girl. On the flip-side, I’m also a realist when it comes to business. Read where I’m going with this, I promise it’s somewhere good.

Website Metrics 101
It can be overwhelming in the beginning, so let’s start with the basic website metrics you need to be aware of. In this post I categorize metrics utilizing Google Analytics’ specific terms to make it easier for you to make the connection and take action on your own.

What is SEO and Why You Need to Know Now
I tell you what SEO is, what you should know in order to use this important information to your advantage, and give you a list of free tools you can use today to understand your current search engine optimization status.

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Laying out what you need to accomplish from every one of your marketing channels is key. And the same applies to your website because I’m willing to bet money that it gets more eyeballs on your products and your message, much more than any other channel in your marketing mix. Have you heard of the SMARTER goal method? It’s a simple way to layout what you want to achieve with your website as a selling or brand building tool. Learn more about SMARTER goals and grab the free worksheet download.