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To get the most out of your efforts online, you need to listen to the analytics behind them. That’s how you’ll be able to identify your pain points, and the opportunities to improve both your digital marketing tactics and your method of measuring them. Kristi Allen’s Custom Web Analytics Workshop uncovers these key insights, and creates a forum to discuss how to solve for them.

If it feels like there are more marketing tactics than ever, and that you’re spending more time and money bouncing from one tactic to another, you’re not alone. But the rise of marketing channels that are available for reaching prime customers is actually a welcoming opportunity.

In this Custom Web Analytics Workshop, Kristi reveals how to get the most out of your efforts online by showing you how to identify your pain points, and the opportunities your web analytics are signaling to you. You’ll use this eye-opening forum to improve your digital marketing tactics and get clear on what’s working and what needs to stop immediately so you’re focusing only on truly value-added marketing.

How It Works

To get to the heart of what your business is aiming to achieve and the best methods to measuring your marketing efforts, you’ll begin your journey by following Kristi’s 3-step approach to ensure you’re setup for success throughout the workshop planning process.

analytics monitor Assessment

Meet with Kristi in a free one-on-one introductory phone call and begin to share your workshop desires and needs. You’ll leave this meeting fired-up from Kristi’s energy and passion for this subject! Following this conversation Kristi will assess your web analytics to create a foundation for the in-person or virtual workshop.

workshop group icon Workshop

At the in-person or virtual workshop, Kristi will provide strategies on how to gather insights from your web analytics, how to implement free tools on the market that can provide deep insight into customer behaviors when they interact with your marketing promotions, and then work to problem solve, prioritize, and action plan the issues that have risen from the data.

refresh icon Follow-Up

For the following 45 days, Kristi will continue to coach you through the process of taking action on outcomes identified in the workshop.

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